What is CornerViewer­® and how does it work?

CornerViewer® is a premium enhanced optical sight. It’s advanced patented design has all of the usual features of a conventional optical sight with the addition of allowing the operator to position their weapon to see 90 degrees to either side. This is achieved by incorporating an advanced patented cube, the CornerCube®, into the eyepiece of the sight.

When your CornerViewer® equipped weapon is held at 90 degrees beyond cover, looking into the side of the eyepiece, you can more safely determine targets or dangers to your sides and then engage as necessary.

There are various techniques and solutions to shoot around a corner from a cover position. Many solutions are complex and require highly technical weapon conversions or additional equipment to be mounted to the weapon. The CornerViewer® is the simple solution to this problem. CornerViewer® can also be easily attached to most any weapon mounting system.

CornerViewer® was born from actual urban terrain combat experiences. Many dangers exist for the foot soldier or law enforcement officer in any terrain but none as much as in an urban combat zone.

Any operator tends to naturally search for cover behind the corners of buildings, vehicles, walls, trees, etc. Around every corner are potential extreme dangers such as ambushes, snipers, and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). With the CornerViewer®, you can more easily see what awaits you around that corner while minimizing your exposure.

The CornerViewer®‘s unique advanced concept is a professional product for today’s professional military and law enforcement operators.




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