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Warfare Frog 779 is a German brand name that was created back in 2014 as a NATO research and development project. Under this brand we will design and market special tactical products with the main focus on the maritime infantry warfare equipment.

Many have asked us why we have selected the frog as our logo. For which we have many reasons.

  • Frogmens and the frog  was the former name and symbol for the combat divers.
  • The frog always had a high survival rate

So it was easy to creat a combat frog….

Under our brand “Warfare Frog”, we wil market in the future, items such as:Combat Watches

  • Combat Scopes
  • Combat Sights
  • etc

We start in 2017 with our combat watch and our conceptual idea of our version of the Combat Red Dot Sight “Corner View”.

WarfareFrog 779 is a brand Lock ‘N Load Brands and use the sales, design, marketing departments and the manufacturing resources of Lock ‘N Load Brands


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